Intelligent feeding system

Short Description:

This equipment can meet the requirements of carrying spindly products like noodles, pasta, spaghetti, rice noodle’s inside plant. And can be co-used with packaging line.

Product Detail

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Technical specification

Voltage: AC220V
Frequency: 50Hz
Power: 0.16 kw (single scale)
Gas consuming: 1L/min (single scale)
Equipment size: customized


Equipment can be designed to suit customer’s requirements and workplace layout.
The equipment can meet omnidirectional requirements but with simple design.
Stable and automatic internal logistic

Operation environment

Site requirements: The equipment should be established inside the room with flat floor. No shaking and bumping.
Floor requirements: it should be hard and non-conductive.
Temperature: -5~40
Relative humidity: 75%RH, no condensation.
Dust: no conductive dust.
Air: no flammable and combustible gas or objects,no gas which can make damage to mental.
Altitude: under 1000 meters
Ground connection: safe and reliable ground environment.
Power grid: stable power supplying, and volatility within +/-10%.
Other requirements: keep away from rodents

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