Stick Noodle Papered wrapping and Packing Machine

Short Description:

The machine can pack spindly things with paper like noodles, spaghetti, pasta. Can automatically finish the process of weighing, feeding, bounding, lifting&packing.

Product Detail

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1,weighting machine: one set
2, double-slat bundling machine: one set
3, paper wraping: one set
Applications: automatically finish the process of weighting, outputting, filling and double-slat packing of the Spaghetti and other noodle


Packing range is much larger than the earlier model.
Package is with high density which is suitable to long-distance transportation.
Packing speed is 4-6 times than manual packing. Reduce the labor intensity.
Intelligent acceleration and deceleration.
Can be connected with Sealing machine.

Operation environment

Site requirements: The equipment should be established inside the room with flat floor. No shaking and bump.
Floor requirements: it should be hard and non-conductive.
Temperature: -3~40℃
Relative humidity: <75%RH, no condensation.
Dust: no conductive dust.
Air: no flammable and combustible gas or objects,no gas which can make damage to mental.
Altitude: under 1000 meters
Ground connection: safe and reliable ground environment.
Power grid: stable power supplying, and volatility within +/-10%.
Other requirements: keep away from rodents(rat etc.)

Object noodle, Spaghetti
length of the noodle 230±5.0mm
Dimensions of the paper roll 78-mm
packing rate 9-11rolls/min
weight range 900g-1400g;
exact value ±2.0g- 96%
Dimensions 5500mm*980mm*1440mm
voltage AC220v/50-60HZ/2.5KW

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