Full-automatic fresh rice noodle production line

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Product introduction

Using rice as the main raw material, it produces fresh wet rice noodles with a moisture content of 66% to 70%. It is packaged in a composite film bag and can be stored for 6 months after preservation.

Technological Process

Mixing rice → micro-fermented soaked rice → filtering water → crushing rice → mixing flour → automatic feeding → maturing and extruding wire → cutting off fixed strip → checking weight → conveying → automatic boxing → aging → softening →
Shaping→sterilization→automatic unloading→bag packing→sterilization→finished product.

Machine Highlights

The production specifications are 200-240g/bag, 4320 bags/h, and the production capacity is 0.86-1.04 tons/hour. 10 hours per shift, 9 hours for silk production, 15 employees per shift, 18.7T fresh wet powder for two shifts.

Technical Parameters

Rated voltage 380V
Water consumption 8 tons/ton powder
Electricity consumption 400 degrees/ton powder
Air consumption 2.6 tons/ton powder

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