Automatic Bag Filling Sealing Packing Machine for Noodle

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By selecting different measuring instruments, it’s suitable for the packaging of noodle, spaghetti, pasta, rice noodle, vermicelli, liquid, sauce, granules, powder, irregular blocks and other materials.

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Automatic Bag Filling Sealing Packing Machine for Noodle

By selecting different measuring instruments, it's suitable for the packaging of noodle, spaghetti, pasta, rice noodle, vermicelli, liquid, sauce, granules, powder, irregular blocks and other materials.

Machine specifications  

Model JK-M8-230
Filling Volume 50-2000g
Speed 10-45 bags/min
Bag Prefabricated bag
Bag Size Width: 90-235mm; Length: 120-420mm
Bag Material Composite film
Sealing Continuous heat sealing (sealing form: by customers' requirements)
Sealing Temperature PID control (0-300 degrees)
Pressure Pressure seal
Printing 1. Inkjet printing (optional).
2. Hot coding,
3. Hot transfer printing,
4. Lettering
Bag Feeder Strap type
Bag Size Change 16 grippers can be manually adjusted with one button
Touch Screen a. operation button
b. speed setting
c. parts composition
d. electric cam switch
e. product number record
f. temperature control
g. flow

j. alarm list: pressure drop, torque limit, main motor overload, abnormal temperature.
h. summary report
Control voltage PLC…..DC24V
Main Components Component Brand Country
PLC Siemens Germany
Touch Screen WEIKONG China
Inverter Bosch Germany
Main Motor 2Hp MAXMILL Taiwan China
Cylinder & valve SMC, AIRTEC Japan or Taiwan China
Electromagnetic Sensor OMRON Japan
Main Switch Schneider Germany
Circuit protection Schneider Germany
Bearing HRB, LYC China
Material a. In contact with product part-SUS304
b. main parts and externally visible parts including the bottom-SUS304
c. body-welded frame (polyurethane coating)
d. frame-upper and lower plates (16mm)
e. safety protection-acrylic resin
Machine Weight Net weight: 1.5-1.7T
Facility a. Power: three phase 380V 50Hz 6.5Kw
b. Air consumption: 600NL/min. 5-6kgf/cnf
c. The compressed air needs to be dry, clean and free of any foreign matter and gas.

Machine characteristics: 
1. Easy to operate touch screen menu(10.4" wide screen)
2. Alarm and menu display, easy to solve machine problems.
3. Change the package size quickly within ten minutes    
    A: Adjust 16 grippers at the same time with one button
    B: The size of the bag feeder is adjusted by the first wheel without tools. That is simple, convenient and fast.
4. Automatic lubrication system, easy to maintain.
5. The machine waits for the feeder to feed.
6. External parts are made of 304 stainless steel and oxidized aluminum alloy. 
7. Specially designed sealing strip achieves perfect sealing(One sealing station, one pressure sealing station)
8. Memory retention function (sealing temperature, machine speed, seal width)
9. The touch screen displays over-temperature alarm. Sealing temperature is modularly operated.
10. The spring device ensures easy adjustment of the seal.
11. The specially designed heating device ensures that the bag is sealed firmly without leakage and deformation.
12. Safety protection: Low pressure shutdown safety protection, over-torque frequency conversion alarm shutdown function.
13. Low noise (65db), very low vibration when the machine is running.
14. The machine uses vacuum generator instead of vacuum pump, which significantly reduces the noise.
15. Empty bag removal function prevents empty bags from entering the production line.

Safety functions:
1. No bag, no bag opening - no filling - no sealing function.
2. Heater abnormal temperature alarm display
3. Main motor abnormal frequency conversion alarm
4. Main motor abnormal shutdown alarm
5. The compressed air pressure is abnormal and the machine stops and alarms.  
6. Safety protection is on and the machine stops and alarms. 


1. Bag opening sensor
2. Lubricator
3. Colorful touch screen
4. Bag outlet conveyor belt
5. Bag opening plate
6. Air exhaust nozzle
7. Tow-color lamp
8. Air filter

Packing Flow:
Automatic Bag Filling Sealing Packing Machine for NoodlesAutomatic Bag Filling Sealing Packing Machine for Noodles


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