Automatic Noodle Bundling Packing Line with Eight Weighers

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The packing line is used for multi bundle plastic packaging of 180mm ~ 260mm long strips of food such as bulk noodles, spaghetti, pasta and rice noodle. The equipment completes the whole process of multi bundle packaging through automatic weighing, bundling, lifting, feeding, aligning, sorting, grouping, conveying, film forming, sealing and cutting.

1. The bundling & packing machine line adopts centralized electrical control, intelligent acceleration and deceleration, and reasonable human-computer interaction.
2. Each line only needs 2 ~ 4 people on duty, and the daily packaging capacity is 15 ~ 40 tons, which is equivalent to the manual daily packaging capacity of about 30 people.
3. It adopts imported electrical components, host frequency speed regulation, servo motor to control sorting, grouping and packaging film transportation, with anti cutting and anti empty packaging functions.
4. It uses film to replace finished packaging bags, which saves material cost of 500-800CNY per day.
5. With accurate counting and good compatibility, it can pack any weight. Equipped with protective devices, the equipment is highly safe.
6. The production line can match four to twelve different quantities of weighing machines according to the demanded capacity.

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Automatic Noodle Bundling Packing Line with Eight Weighers

Automatically complete the process of weighing, outputting, filling and sealed packaging of Spaghetti, pasta, rice noodle and other noodles, Candle and Incense or Agarbatti.

Technical Specification:

Work object  noodle,spaghetti, pasta
 Noodle length  200g-500g (180MM-260MM)+/-5.0MM
 500g-1000g (240MM-260MM)+/-5.0MM
 Noodle thickness  0.6mm-1.4mm
 Noodle width  0.8mm-3.0mm
 Packing capacity  80-120bags/min
 Measurement range  200g-500g;200g-1000g
 Measured value is set  Digital input
 Measured value display  Accurate to 0.1g
 Zero adjustment  Automatically or manually
 Measurement accuracy  200g-500g +/-2.0g(within) 96 percent
 500g-1000g +/-3.0g(within) 96 percent
 Capacity and accuracy of measurement  differs from the quality and the unit weight of the noodle
 Equipment size 18000mmx5300mmx1650mm
 Power  AC220V/50HZ14.5KW

Automatic Rice Noodle Flow Packing Machine with Eight WeighersAutomatic Rice Noodle Flow Packing Machine with Eight Weighers

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