Ramen producing machine

Short Description:

Connection name: Intelligent fresh wet noodle production line

Connection model: MXSM-350

Product Detail

Product Tags

Scope of application

Automatic production of dough sheet and dough flocculation multi-layer composite fresh wet noodle

Process flow

Automatic powder supply-automatic salt water mixing, water supply-kneading-noodle floc maturation-flake composite calendering-noodle mat maturation-continuous calendering-strip forming-packaging

Product Highlights

The degree of automation is high, and the efficiency is about eight times higher than that of manual work.
Imitate hand craftsmanship, and strengthen the key process of rolling and rotating the opposite side to make the noodles stronger and softer.
Modular combination of production lines, flexible combination of production line configurations according to different needs.
Multi-point accurate monitoring, combined control of servo and frequency conversion, realizes automatic synchronous operation of the whole line, and improves stability.
The key components are all high-quality domestic and foreign brands, with high stability and long service life.

The main parameters

Capacity: 600kg flour/hour
Power; noodle making + drying 200kw
Air source: 0.6-0.7Mpa

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