You deserve a bowl of fresh and wet noodles made by “HICOCA”



It’s the hot summer season

In this summer’s rich, flowery melody

The taste buds also come with the sun


Life is more than poetry and distance

And unlimited new food

When we are enjoying the deliciousness brought by a bowl of hand-rolled noodles, perhaps it is more of the best memory in our hearts.


With the development of science and technology and the progress of the times, modern intelligent equipment has introduced the production process of fresh and wet noodles into mechanization, intelligence, and the perfect integration of advanced technology and intelligent equipment, allowing us to taste delicious fresh and wet noodles anytime, anywhere.

Come to HICOCA and see how the fresh and wet noodles are produced intelligently.

HICOCA Vacuum dough mixer


As we all know, kneading is one of the most basic and critical processes in the production of noodle products. The requirement of the kneading process is to form a dough with good processing performance, which lays the foundation for ensuring that the fresh and wet noodles have a good taste.

Vacuum kneading can make the sprayed water easily atomized in a vacuum state, ensuring the uniformity of water addition, there is no gas in the flour, moisture can easily penetrate into the interior, the kneading effect is significantly improved, and the dough structure is tight. Fresh and wet noodles are stronger and chewier.

HICOCA Dough Aging


The dough is formed into a granular shape, the water absorption is uniform and sufficient, the gluten expansion is appropriate, the particles are loose, the particle size is consistent, and the color is consistent. It lays the foundation for ensuring that the product has good rehydration and taste.

HICOCA Complex machine


The unique compounding technology makes the dough strips produced with different densities in the longitudinal section. From the outside to the inside, the density decreases in turn, naturally forming interlayers with different densities. The pressed noodles can be simultaneously cooked inside and outside the noodles during cooking, and the taste is rich, three-dimensional, elasticity and smoothness are greatly improved.

HICOCA Calendering


The noodles are pressed into fine and thin noodles that meet the specified thickness requirements to form a more complete gluten network, the water distribution of the noodles is more uniform, and the noodles have certain toughness and strength.



The shredding noodle knife has high meshing precision and neatly cut strips, which can divide the dough into filaments and the filaments are distinct. The appearance and shape of the noodles should be flat, smooth, and free of burrs, lumps, and slivers.


Fresh Noodle ready to cook




During the cooking process, the noodles can be cooked simultaneously inside and outside, and the cooking time can be shortened by about 60 seconds

Authentic fresh and wet noodles



The data from the texture analyzer showed that compared with the Japanese dough sheet compounding process and the traditional manual process, the chewiness was 1.06% and 2.82% higher, and the elasticity was 1.6% and 9.8% higher. The taste was stronger and smoother, moderately soft and hard, and more elastic. The verification results were consistent with the Japanese noodle-making process data, and were superior to traditional domestic handicrafts, achieving a technological breakthrough.

HICOCA Central Kitchen


HICOCA Central Kitchen is a wholly-owned subsidiary of HICOCA Group. The R&D and design team of Haike Central Kitchen has innovatively developed the “handmade intelligent fresh and wet noodle connection line”, which is an important process innovation of wet noodle products. breakthrough.


The fresh and wet noodle production line manufactured by HICOCA Central Kitchen has a high degree of intelligence, advanced technology, convenient operation, small footprint, and easy maintenance. Advanced technology, the production of flour products can meet the taste of consumers.


A beautiful season and encountering beautiful things are worthy of the gorgeous summer at this time, and this is the most perfect way to open life.

Post time: Jun-20-2022