HICOCA Intelligent paper Packaging production Line

The Packing Line Including the cutting and conveyor System, the Intelligent Feeding System, the Weighing and Bundling System, the Packaging System , the sorting system,, the bagging and cartooning system, the Intelligent palletizing system.

Noodle Cutting Machine

The Cutting Machine use the herring bone Knife to cut, it reduces the rate of broken Noodles.

The special mechanical design of the cutting knife and the hanging rod, no cutting rod;

At the same time, the function of ending-part separation is added to prevent the ending-part from entering the conveying and packaging line after cutting.

It is equipped with the rod clearing mechanism, it realizes the automatic return of the hanging rod

It reduce manual transportation and prevents secondary pollution caused by human contact.

The High-precision intelligent cutting machine can achieve a width of 500mm to 1500mm cutting requirements for stick Noodle. Pasta and Rice Noodle Production Lines.

Cross-layer conveyor transports

The cross-layer conveyor transports Noodles to the sorting machine downstairs

The Cross-Layer conveyor transports Noodles to the sorting machine downstairs , then it distributes Noodles to the feeding system of the packaging Line after sufficient sorting.

The Cross-Layer conveyor System saves floor space, it also realize Long-distance conveying from upstairs to downstairs as from well as from downstairs to upstairs.

The Conveyor Belt is customized according to the user’s site and actual needs with a 360° all round conveying design, simple structure and stable operation

Hopper Type Feeding system

The Intelligent Feeding System can increase the short distance to about 2 meters In the air,realize long-distance transportation.

It adopts hopper conveying, no drop during conveying less material loss.

The Net height of the conveyor below the ground is about 2 meters., which is convenient for worker to pass.

The Whole set of hopper –type Intelligent feeding is driven by a motor and double chains, Few equipment failure, easy maintenance.

Stick Noodle Paper Packaging line

The Weighing Machine from HICOCA is the first set of Noodle Weighing machine that has obtained quality certification in China.

Using cantilever beam sensor, secondary weighing mode,, the first Level of weighing machine (Rough Weighing) is used for estimated Weighing, and the second Level of Weighing is used for accurate Feeding.

The manipulator adopts a universal Type, Small Wight and Big weight can be bundled, No need to replace the gripper frequently

Adopt double ironing movable ironing head technology, Reduce loosening

Lifting material checking and weighing feeding machine with material storage function, Reduce the empty package rate of the whole machine, Guaranteed high weight accuracy, Effectively cure the phenomenon of more Bundles or Less Bundles.

Paper Packaging machine adopts Siemens electronic control system, The control program tends to be perfect, The quality of electrical components has been improved in an all-round way

Paper Packaging machine gluing system for electronic flow control, Uniform amount of glue, Avoid a large amount of falling glue from polluting the finished product

Sealing machine gluing system optimized, Fold tail with double iron technology, Even without glue, the tail folding effect remains the best

Conveying and Sorting System

Precise delivery of Noodles to packaging machines, Fork conveyor, good Sorting effect. No empty bag, high production efficiency.

Reciprocating shrink film packaging machine

Reciprocating shrink film packaging machine has fast packaging speed and high sealing strength, High film tightness, no wrinkle shrinkage

Easy and quick replacement of film rolls with different specifications, The packaging of the same product can be seen to exceed the amount of 20-30mm bag film

There are windshield curtains hanging at the entrance and exit of the packaging at both ends of the heat shrinking furnace for materials to enter and exit, At the same time block the outflow of hot air to reduce energy consumption, There is an observation window in the middle, You can check the situation inside the furnace while the machine is running

Post time: Jan-11-2023