HICOCA: From “Making” to “Intelligent Manufacturing”

Along with the development of Chinese manufacturing industry and increasing comprehensive strength, the scale of manufacturing industry has ranked first in the world for 12 consecutive years. Today, Chinese economic development has turned from high speed growth to high quality development. Intelligent manufacturing is the main attack direction of Chinese manufacturing power strategy. It is also an important way for enterprises to achieve high-quality development and an important driver for manufacturing enterprises to climb to the high end of the industrial chain and value chain.

HICOCA Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing customers with a complete set of intelligent food production and packaging assembly line solutions. Up to now, HICOCA has perfected its industrial layout in four fields: flour products, rice products, central kitchen and snack food. The products involve the production and packaging of staple food equipment and snack food such as noodles, instant noodles, rice noodles, steamed buns, fresh wet noodles and so on. The company has really walked out of a breakthrough road from “Making” to “Intelligent Manufacturing”.

In the research and development, to meet customer’s food process requirements and to achieve customer’ cost reduction and efficiency as the starting point, HICOCA implements the innovation-driven development strategy, manufacturing automation, intelligent, digital food equipment. Liner intelligent energy-saving drying system, to optimize the drying process, realize saving energy and reduce consumption as the guidance, from the partition, flow control, temperature control, humidity control, flexible drive and intelligent control, the company solves the traditional drying equipment with low degree of intelligence. This contributes companies to achieve energy saving, high efficiency, high quality production. The innovation project recently won the “2022 China Energy Conservation Association Contribution Award for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Enterprises”.

In addition to convert “Intelligent manufacturing” on energy conservation and emissions reduction, HICOCA pays more attention to consumer’s demand for food taste. Widely used in steamed buns, and steamed stuffed bun flour products, the high-speed bionic kneading machine is a typical representative. The highlight of the product is “imitation” artificially. Through the vertical intersection folding rolling and the gluten network distribution, the gluten network and starch particles are more closely combined and the structure is more uniform. The steamed bread and steamed stuffed bun made by us are better than those made by hands. The automatic rice noodle production line fundamentally solves the problem of formula accuracy through PLC intelligent rice distribution system, improving the moisture accuracy and making the rice noodle taste more smooth and Q-bomb.

At the same time, in terms of cost reduction and efficiency increasing, HICOCA products are more “Intelligent Manufacturing” advantages outstanding. Has been widely applied in the stick noodle, rice noodle paper wrapping intelligent connection and straight into solid bag enlacing wired with more weighs automatic packaging equipment, they not only meet customer’s demanding for dry noodles, rice noodles packing appearance, but also centralize and rely on the electrical control system, making that a human-computer interaction is more reasonable, reducing the cost of the manual and packaging materials. The intelligent bagging machine and sealing machine for flat pocket packaging of hanging surface can be optimized again on the basis of reducing labor cost to help enterprises realize the maximum benefit.

HICOCA adheres to the core values of “customer-centered, take strivers as the essence”. This is consistent with the core values of many outstanding enterprises at home and abroad. It is through the continuous collision of advanced technology and innovative thinking with outstanding enterprises at home and abroad that HICOCA finally meets customer’s needs and achieves product quality improvement. At the same time, setting digital, intelligent and industrial 4.0 emerging technologies as one, the company strives to create international quality intelligent equipment, to provide customers with integrated solutions, promote the development of industrial intelligence in China, to help customers create benefits!

Post time: Aug-09-2022