Intelligent Bionic Round Steamed Bread Production Line

Short Description:

Product model: MYM-180

Product Detail

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Application scope

1. It is suitable for the production of round steamed buns, and can be customized according to special specifications, from raw materials to finished dough products.

Process flow

Automatic raw material ratio-automatic mixing and discharging-quantitative cutting and conveying-imitating manual dough kneading-automatic multi-category forming and placing

Product Highlights

1. Imitate the manual kneading process, so that the dough is fully matured, and the finished product has a fine and chewy structure.
2. Imitate the manual molding process, not hurt the gluten, and guarantee the high-quality appearance and taste at the same time.
3. Multi-node accurate monitoring, combined control of servo and frequency conversion, realizes the synchronization of the whole line of the production line, and the production is smooth without accumulation and material interruption. While increasing the degree of automation, production efficiency and production stability are simultaneously improved.
4. Humanized control interface, compatible with a variety of products, one-key switching of varieties, which improves convenience, reduces adjustment time and reduces material waste.
5. The detection components are all high-quality brands at home and abroad, with high stability and long service life.

The main parameters

Capacity: 0.8-1 tons/hour
Voltage: 380V
Power: 35.5 KW
Compressed air: 0-4-0.6MPa
Production line length: customized according to workshop

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